Smit - Professional advertising support solution

Smit is the choice for maximum support for advertisers led by marketing experts. Whether personal or business, Smit will also help the advertising process to be more effective.

What is Smit?

Smit is the most optimal solution for Vietnamese advertisers. Smit was founded by a team of young programmers who share a common passion for programming. Operating with the desire to create higher value for users and customers.

Optimal solution for advertising

Our App Smit is at the forefront of Facebook API technology. Smit is led by a professional, cross-platform marketing expert who understands what customers need.

That is why we have designed Smit technology solutions to help customers create more optimal income from the time and stages of customer targeting. With a suite of professional solutions Smit will help you increase work efficiency up to 60%.

The Smit solution suite includes two main groups of solutions: management and reporting; support management.

Management and reporting

In Smit's management and reporting solution, there will be 2 sets of solutions: Ads check by Smit and Ads Manager.

Ads check by Smit . solution

Ads check by Smit is a utility to help manage and secure advertising accounts with main functions such as:

Remove hidden admin account

View payment information

Share ad account permissions

Monitor the information of the ad account

Change advertising account information.

And Ads Manager is a utility to help manage advertising campaigns.

Support solution

Smit's support solution will include

SMIT Translator: utility to automatically translate directly on the dialogue. Multilingual user support and Nobita, Smax and Pancake platforms.

SMIT Cookies: a utility that helps manage multiple cookies on the same browser and on many different devices through a cloud data set.

Find Facebook ID: is a tool to help look up IDs through the Facebook account link.

Smit Check: is a tool used to check and analyze files to see if they are trustworthy and give warnings about safety to users.

Benefits of using Smit

It is not natural that the Smit solution suite achieves more than 30,000 installs and uses per day. With the benefits that this solution brings, advertisers will enjoy the following benefits:

Saves time: When using Smit, it only takes 1 click or performs operations at the same time. This is an advantage that helps advertisers save time.

Optimizing resources: Advertisers will not need too many resources to operate, using Smit will help optimize many costs to track ads effectively.

Super Target feature helps to optimize resources

Absolute confidentiality: Smit commits not to buy, sell, exchange or use any user's data for commercial purposes.

Free user experience: All Smit products support users with a partial free experience.

Always update the best version: The technical team will always monitor and update in time to ensure the best experience for users of Smit products.

Support and advice: Customer care team is always ready and enthusiastic to advise and support customers at all times.

Instructions to download Smit to your computer

To be able to use the Smit solution suite quickly, you just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the “” page and download the utility file to your computer.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded file from Smit to any folder on your computer.

Step 3: Open the chrome browser and attach it to the browser as a regular software can be used.

In the process of downloading the utility and using it, if you have any difficulties or questions, just contact the customer service department, you will be supported immediately.

Versions Detail

Latest Version

Versions 1.0.1

New update

Old Versions

Versions 1.0.1

4 Month ago

Versions 1.0.3

9 Month ago